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UpdateNew System : Transfer Stat And Craft System..
NewsServer Will Online Back On 12.7.2019.Included Autopatch.
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UpdateNew Craft System Will Release..
The TransKnight class can be compared to that of a warrior or Knight in MMORPG games in general, it has a high damage and good defense and has short range attacks. TransKnight can be shaped to use spells as a magician and also use physical attacks, it has spells that aid in HP recovery. This is the recommended vocation for beginners in WYD.
The Foema class can be compared to that of a magician.You can use long distance spells, Foemas characters are very useful in guild wars and can hunt very well because of their long range. Although long-range attacks help in the hunt for monsters, starting from scratch with a Foema when you do not have very good equipment is not easy.
Class that uses bows and claws, have long range attacks, do not have as much attack or defense, but are good at deflecting attacks and speed. If you think about creating a more magical character that uses magic, do not choose Huntress since the attacks of this class are more physical.
Do you like characters with good defense and who still transforms or invokes creatures? So Beastmaster is the class for you. The Beastmaster has the ability to be shaped like one of the best hunters, he can hunt virtually everything alone.
GuildWar Information

Guildwar Information

  • Armia Town : GM Guild
  • Erion Town : GM Guild
  • Azran Town : GM Guild
  • Armia 2 : GM Guild

Win GuildWar: Get GuildPoint 1000

RvR Information

RvR War Time

  • RvR Time: 12:00PM
  • Rewards: 1 Fpoint 1 Kill
  • Participants: Unlimited
  • Location Teleport: Coordinate : 1057 1725